Memories from the past shape us for the future.

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ohphe asked: 19th woooooo what about you?

yay! the 14th :)

ohphe asked: aw tori you're the sweetest! haha this girl i follow did them and i was like hey thats cool so i started and now it's the best cause even on a crap day i'm like well... i made a cup of tea that was good... haha and it cheers me up :) love you can't wait for post-exam hangs!

I think I might follow suit and start doing it after exams! haha love you and yes definitely! where do you finish?

I’ve stopped dreaming… Because finally reality is better.

Birthday present!

Mwah x

Mwah x



New kicks and camera filters!

New kicks and camera filters!


I just don’t think passion and determination is enough anymore.